Leadership DevelopmentThank you for a tremendous job. I’m very appreciative to have gotten the opportunity to attend your training and I feel like I took away several things that I can begin working on tomorrow. Coming into the program, I knew I wanted to come back with a better grasp on how I can work within my team from a leadership standpoint despite having the least experience. I exited today with some concrete ideas of how I can go about executing on that goal. I also pulled some foundation ideas for building my leadership and managerial style.
Chris H. Supply Chain
Facilitation – Masha has a very upbeat attitude and her teaching style is thought-provoking. She is an excellent communicator and facilitator. I really appreciated the input and guidance she offered which brought amazing energy and perspective. She is definitely very knowledgeable in what she is doing.
Anthony J. Accounting
Coaching – Masha has a calming nature, always helpful, kind and intelligent. Her approach to coaching is warm-hearted, motivating and encouraging.
Emily W. IT
Corporate Training – I was very impressed with her ability to conduct training’s and great advice for career development. Loved her style – want to adopt some of it. She is a very good planned facilitator, beyond excellent. Her diverse background brings special addition to teaching.
Alex N. Sales

Who Am I?

Professional background

I am truly passionate about people development that resulted in the choice of my profession: I am a business coach and leadership consultant  with extensive experience working in international business environment. I was responsible for training, coaching, leadership development, talent management and other aspects of HR role for a range of high tech and manufacturing companies. I worked for start up businesses as well as companies that have been on the market for over hundred years. At my work I support people in their pursuit of a more fulfilled and rewarding career and life. As a coach, I work with clients to help them explore new career opportunities, land a job or promotion that they desire as well as improve their personal efficiency and work/life balance.

No matter where you live I can help you through Skype or telephone consultations. Find me on Linkedin and get to know me better here.

On A Personal Side

I am a hunter for new experiences, cultures (traveled to 40+ countries) and a curious mind at large. I was born in Leningrad (that is a former name of St. Petersburg, Russia) and lived for several years in Guinea, Africa with my family. Since then traveling and exploring other cultures and unknown territories became my huge passion. I currently reside in Arizona, USA, where I got expatriated for work and later on met my husband.

I am a life-long learner myself that resulted in several degrees (MA with honors in Social Sciences and Adult Education) and various certifications as a coach and business trainer. Though formal education is important, I believe in learning through life projects: moving to a different place, creating a business, learning a new language, trying out a new skill. One of my current life projects is getting better at partner dancing. I also enjoy flying airplanes, staying in the nature, practicing yoga and mindfulness.

I would be happy and honored to help you shape your life and career for the better.

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Masha Sweitzer is a Certified Professional Coach