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Illusion of Stability: How to Deal with Uncertainty

Иллюзорная стабильность  или как работать с неопределенностью. (Текст по-русски – ниже).

As a woman, I crave stability: being confident about my income, have a balanced “stable” relationship with partner and friends, being involved in “always” interesting work projects. Forget about it: bad news – certainty doesn’t exist.

Women are biologically wired to have stability, cycles, predictability, and […]

What is Success?

I work with professional women as a career coach. One of the most common themes women come to me with is related or directly about success: “used to be successful, not any more”, “want my success back”, “want to get to the next level”, “want something better, bigger, higher” 🙂

In the following video I’m sharing […]

Professional Women and Self-Expression

Professional women that I work with, stay-at-home moms, retired ladies and those who run their own businesses at any age have at least one thing in common: they want to express themselves. We want to express what we have boiling, scratching, howling inside and bring it into the world. Through giving birth to a child, […]

Про принятие себя

Передо мной сидит роскошная женщина лет 52, хотя по ней не скажешь о ее возрасте: уж больно красивые игривые глаза. Благородная, грациозная, яркая с невероятными историями жизни. Стильная и вне времени, такая опытная девочка. И вдруг она мне заявляет: «Я не хожу в бассейн, хотя обожаю плавать.» Увидев мой удивленный взглад, продолжает: «Потому что другие […]

10 Misconceptions About Coaching

“Coaching is like therapy covered under business umbrella.”

As a life and business coach, I deal with a lot of misconceptions about coaching coming from different people. No wonder so many coaching engagements fail to live up to expectation when the goal is so often misunderstood. Writing this post, I intend to debunk these misconceptions […]

How to Get More with Less: What Leads to Satisfaction

Living in a fancy part of Phoenix, Arizona, I became a witness and a random participant of human greediness. All around is about consumption: drive a faster car, live in a bigger luxurious house and make more money. I look in the eyes of women who shop for a Louis Vuitton bag that is going […]

Fear of Rejection and Self-Esteem: Dance of Flame

Sometimes I feel my whole life has been one big rejection.”

Marilyn Monroe

How many times through our lives we heard things like “We grew apart and I need to move on” or got rejection letters from recruiters letting us know that we didn’t meet some criteria. Rejected by the company we applied […]

I don’t know what I want to do with my life

I don’t know what I want to do with my life. This is probably one of the most frequent statements people come to coaching with. As one of my friends in Phoenix, Arizona, nicely put it: “I don’t have problems with goal execution; I have problems with setting my goals.” So you are living your […]