Coaching for Entrepreneurs

You’re a talented professional woman longing to take your small business to the next level BUT…feel stuck. You have less clients than expected, not satisfied with the income you are making or even thinking about quitting this business that you truly love.Let me support you to expand your influence for making your business more rewarding.

Make the Work You Love More Profitable and Rewarding

Coaching Program for
Women Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Coaches and

  • Do you have a small business or private practice that you want to take to the next level?
  • Do you have trouble communicating exactly what you’re great at, and lose business because of it?
  • Do you want to expand your ways of accessing clients?
  • Are you committed to becoming more financially successful and effective doing what you love?
  • Do you face difficulties to book yourself solid?
  • Are you losing your inspiration?
Join me in a tailored coaching program that helps you to see the pitfalls of your business, better connect to your audience and improve your entrepreneur’s presence.

What You’ll Learn In This Coaching Program:

Designed especially for female small business owners, consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and freelancers who are committed to moving forward with their businesses and ideas, this coaching program teaches the important steps to:
  • Clearly determine and communicate your unique value and mission;
  • Gain insight on how to expand your business and community;
  • Develop a more powerful professional presence to attract more clients;
  • Develop mutually supportive partnerships to bring your business to the next level.

Questions we will explore:

  • What do I need to do right now to boost my new business?
  • I have different ideas about my business/private practice – what can I do to move forward with it?
  • Where do I find “ambassadors” for my work who will help me spread the word?
  • How to better differentiate myself from my competitors?
  • What keeps me from developing my business?
In 5, private one-on-one sessions, you will explore how to build a more sustainable business and expand your influence.

About the coach:

Masha Sweitzer

Masha Sweitzer, M.A., Certified Integral Coach ©: When I started my own business, I overestimated my skills in marketing and assumed that being a good professional was enough. The word of mouth helped me to reach potential clients, though at a certain point I faced my limits. Traditional marketing tools didn’t seem to be efficient enough and I spent more time on spreading the word about my business rather than working with clients that I truly enjoyed. I was frustrated and disappointed: may be I should go back to work for somebody? May be I’m not a good entrepreneur? Being a coach, I didn’t allow this self-doubt to paralyze my business so I hired marketing professionals and business consultants to continue experimenting. These efforts led to successful business results and for the first time in 6 months I was booked solid. If I made it, you can do it too: I would be glad to share this knowledge with other female business owners.

My professional background: I am a business coach and leadership consultant with extensive experience working in international business environment. I was responsible for training, coaching, leadership development, talent management and other aspects of HR role for a range of high tech and manufacturing companies. I worked for start up businesses as well as companies that have been on the market for over hundred years. I own my private coaching business helping professional women and female entrepreneurs to build a more rewarding career and business.No matter where you live I can help you through Skype or telephone consultations. Find me on Linkedin and get to know me better here.


$350 covering four 1-hour coaching sessions plus email and phone support in between the sessions and during one month after the program completion.

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