Leadership DevelopmentThank you for a tremendous job. I’m very appreciative to have gotten the opportunity to attend your training and I feel like I took away several things that I can begin working on tomorrow. Coming into the program, I knew I wanted to come back with a better grasp on how I can work within my team from a leadership standpoint despite having the least experience. I exited today with some concrete ideas of how I can go about executing on that goal. I also pulled some foundation ideas for building my leadership and managerial style.
Chris H. Supply Chain
Facilitation – Masha has a very upbeat attitude and her teaching style is thought-provoking. She is an excellent communicator and facilitator. I really appreciated the input and guidance she offered which brought amazing energy and perspective. She is definitely very knowledgeable in what she is doing.
Anthony J. Accounting
Coaching – Masha has a calming nature, always helpful, kind and intelligent. Her approach to coaching is warm-hearted, motivating and encouraging.
Emily W. IT
Corporate Training – I was very impressed with her ability to conduct training’s and great advice for career development. Loved her style – want to adopt some of it. She is a very good planned facilitator, beyond excellent. Her diverse background brings special addition to teaching.
Alex N. Sales

Coaching Q & A

Q: How long does it last?

A: An average coaching commitment is 10-12 sessions over 12-24 week period and includes assignments and practices.

Q: Why hire a coach?

A: A quick answer to this question could be that a coach provides you with a different view on your current situation or challenge, guides you to get to the roots of the problem, helps your commitments happen and take action.

Q: What does the process look like?

  • “Chemistry” meeting is designed to get to know each other better and understand if we want to work together. Chemistry fit is important in the coaching process, this is why we address it at the very beginning.
  • Intake session gives direction to the further coaching program. Here we start working on a coaching topic and get a feel for the situation looking at it from different angles. We explore together who you are, where you’re at, what you want, what you’re facing and what we really are going to work on. In this exploration process we go broad and we go deep.
  • Program design takes place after intake. Here I take time to come up with a coaching program that addresses  the topic of our intake discussion. Coaching program includes a desired purpose and outcomes of the coaching as well as practices and exercises that would support your development and help you implement the desired change.
  • Coaching sessions and homework: at this stage we want to make sure that the coaching program fits your needs and you can integrate it into your daily life. While I create this program for you, your involvement is such that we ensure every aspect fits you- where you are now and where you’re headed. I give you assignments as a part of your homework: most of the work in a coaching process happens between the sessions.  During the coaching process we focus on fulfilling your coaching program as well as setting you up with insights and practices that you can continue to integrate beyond coaching.
  • Program review, tracking results:  During the entire coaching process we check the results. Upon completions of 10-12 sessions we look at the changes that took place during the coaching process and how to keep that momentum to carry you forth beyond the program. I want to make sure you know how to improve your life and find the ways to do it by yourself without being dependent on me as a coach.
  • Closure: assess coaching program results and make a decision on future steps.

Q: Do the sessions take place in person?

A: Face-to-face format is really beneficial, though not always possible. We can work together via Skype or phone that is very effective as well.

Q: What happens between coaching sessions?

A: You are working on your assignments and practices and I support you through email and phone calls to remain on track, answer your questions and ensure you are moving forward with your coaching program.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: I offer 2, 4 and 6 month coaching programs. These comprehensive programs include intake, coaching sessions, support via email/phone, assignments and additional reading material. On average, 2 coaching sessions take place every month.


Flexible payment schedule is available.

Q: What to do if I want to work with you as a coach, though can’t pay that money?

A:  I will do my best to accommodate your needs through flexible payment schedule and/or discount. You can also explore other solutions other than long-term coaching like Insight Session here.

Q: What languages are available for coaching?

A:  Coaching is available in English, Russian and Spanish.

Q: How Can I Start the Process?

A:  Register for a FREE coaching session to better understand the roots of your current challenge and learn more about coaching.