Career Exploration Session

Discover What You Truly Want in Career and Create Results

“I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” It is a painful statement that creates anxiety, uncertainty and self-doubt:

  • What I am passionate about?
  • What is really important to me?
  • What’s next step in my career?
  • What career options are available for me?
  • How can I capitalize on my strengths on the job market?

lost We ask these questions when we finish school, plan career changes,  in our mid-thirties, when we retire, any many-many more times in between.

Or, even if we know what we want to do next, we keep procrastinating and putting our wishes and desires from one New Year resolution list to another. It is uncomfortable to start your own business, ask for promotion, quit your corporate job or start exploring different career options.

It’s time to take courage and finally make what you wish happen: Join your own Career Exploration Session.


Purpose: discover your core strengths, deep desires and core values to lead your career and life in a rewarding and meaningful way.

Intended outcomes:

  • Be clear on your genuine career and life goals;
  • Understand what is important to you;
  • Redirect and redesign your career;
  • Get connected to your core strengths and aspirations;
  • Improve ability to focus on what matters to you most;
  • Create your vision for career and life that is appealing and inspiring;
  • Stay motivated to achieve your personal goals;
  • Understand what to do next to make your career vision happen.

Who will benefit:

Anyone who:

  • doesn’t know what to do next in life;
  • plans a career change;
  • lost track of what’s important;
  • keeps procrastinating on professional goals;
  • wants to live and work out of passion;
CoachingMaria has a calming positive approach. I’m very happy she accompanied me on my ‘change journey’ and I would recommend her to everyone who is looking for a highly professional and empathetic coach. She was there for me during the coaching process.
Maria Y.

What Is It?

1:1 process that includes 2 sessions and connects you to your key strengths and what is most important in your life. We use different assessment methods, such as, but not limited to Korn/Ferry©, Enneagram© and MBTI © that help you understand your personal strengths and how they can be applied in the professional world.

At the end of the process you will have more clarity about which way to go in your career and how to access it.

What Is It NOT?

It is not just a career consultation, another vision board creation or a goal-setting session. In our work we go deeper to help you get connected to your authentic values and personal drivers that will keep you motivated to achieve what you truly desire in life.

This session is NOT for you, if you:

  • want a “magic pill” to improve your life;
  • are not ready to commit to sessions and homework that I share with you;
  • don’t have around 6 hours to dedicate to what’s important in your life.

What Does the Process Look Like?

It’s a process of self-exploration that includes practices, reflections and experiments. It requires 2 Skype/in person sessions and a commitment to complete the assignments that I give you in between.

Before the first session we have an assessment of your current life situation and personality type to get to know you, your tendencies and key strengths better.

During the first session we look closer at the results of your pre-work. I share with you exercises and practices designed personally for you to get connected to your values and discover what you want in life. I give you a specific “homework” to digest what you discovered at the session.

Second session: we look at your results, I guide you to lay out several career options for you and a plan for the nearest future to make it happen.

What happens next: I continue supporting you via email or quick phone calls within one month after the program completion.

How do we work?

Via Skype. 2 Skype sessions with my email support and homework in between. In person if you are located in Phoenix, AZ.

How much does it cost?

Financial investment: $400

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