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Design Your Career. Thoughtfully. Efficiently.

You know who you are and what you want. Get a more rewarding job, start  a small business or change your career track. You keep entertaining this idea, though go around in circles. What to do next? How to achieve these goals? How to get unstuck and finally manage this transition?

Or you already tried something and applied for new jobs, went to some professional networking events or created a business plan. Though something still doesn’t feel right: your actions seem to be sporadic, hectic, inefficient. Not landing a new job. Tired of rejection letters and interviews that don’t make any sense.


You are spinning your wheels and not moving forward with your career transition. Feeling confused, frustrated, lost.

What is wrong? What should I do differently? What to start with?

I invite you to explore this life challenge together through Insight Session


Create a clear inspiring plan to address your career transition.

What an eye-opening experience. Thanks for being my coach and mentor. You made me think a lot about my career and presence as a leader.
Vola Rakotomahefa, Reliability Manager | France


Intended Outcomes:

  • Understand what to do next;
  • Explore what motivates you and build you plan on it;
  • Manage your career transition successfully;
  • Increase your job search efficiency;
  • Stay confident about the next steps to achieve your goals;
  • Overcome your fear of unknown.

    What Is It?

    Insight Session helps to address your current professional challenge from an integral standpoint: we look at it closely together from various angles (your thoughts, relationships, network, image and self-image, your ambitions and plans, current market situation, beliefs and values) and create a career transition plan to address it. The plan that motivates you and keeps you inspired to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

    What Is It NOT?

    This is not a counseling session where we look into your past or deal with trauma.

    Who will benefit:

    Any woman who:

    • plans a career move, but doesn’t know what to start with;
    • is tired of applying for jobs and not achieving results;
    • easily loses focus and can’t stayed concentrated on her plan;
    • doesn’t know how to stay motivated when she receives rejection letters.

    This session is NOT for you, if you:

    • want a “magic pill” to improve your life;
    • are not ready to commit to sessions and homework that I share with you;
    • want other people to make choices for you.

    What Does the Process Look Like?

    Before an insight session, we have an intake session to get to know each other and a short assessment with regards to your questions or career challenge you want to work on.

    During the insight session, we will look at this challenge from various angles described above and create a plan with practices and exercises to address it. The plan is goal-oriented so that at the end of the process you could assess your progress.

    You will leave the process with an action plan for your career transition and a better understanding of your current life challenge. You will also gain insights about yourself and a fresh perspective of what works best to market yourself and change the habits that don’t serve you.

    How do we work?

    Via Skype. 2 Skype sessions with my email support and homework in between.

    How much does it cost?

    Financial investment: $400 (includes two sessions with a coach, assessment and development plan)

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