Personal Efficiency Session

You landed a job that you wanted, but feel overwhelmed with new job tasks and look for a better work/life balance. 

stressedYou want to improve your current job performance (based on your performance review, feedback from colleagues or your own observation.)

There are so many projects and job tasks that you feel lost in how to manage them, You keep putting off important tasks, distract yourself (so easy these days with social media and smart phones) or quickly lose your energy to keep doing what you planned.

And the list of challenges at work goes on.

I invite you to finally tackle your current job challenge, improve your efficiency at work and work/life balance. How?

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Find and approach what prevents you from being more efficient at work.

I came to Masha Sweitzer in a very dark time of my life: I was stressed at work, anxious and didn’t accept myself the way I was. I so much appreciate what you did for me. I feel I am where I need to be. You have given me a lot, thank you!
Karen Langdon, Family Medical Doctor | Arizona, USA

Intended Outcomes:

  1. Understand what triggers your inefficient habits;
  2. Keep focus on your goals;
  3. Define your personal excuses;
  4. Stay clear on priorities to achieve your goals;
  5. Eliminate distractions;
  6. Improve work/life balance;
  7. Bring more satisfaction to the work that you’re doing.

    What Is It?

    You keep doing something that makes you less efficient at work and brings discomfort. PathBuilder Session is designed to help you discover what are the roots of it and how to improve your performance and work habits. PathBuilder inspires professional women to take courage and finally make what we wish happen.

    What Is It NOT?

    It is not a career consultation.
    This is not a counseling session where we look into your past or deal with trauma.

    Who will benefit:

    Any woman who:

    • Feels overwhelmed at work;
    • Doesn’t know how to improve her work/life balance;
    • Keeps procrastinating on her goals;
    • Feels anxious, stressed and uncomfortable at work;
    • Regularly gets distracted;
    • Finds various excuses not to commit to the plan that she created;
    • Keeps questioning herself if this job is right.

    This session is NOT for you, if you:

      • want a “magic pill” to improve your life;
      • are not ready to commit to sessions and homework that I share with you;
      • have untreated ADHD.

    What Does the Process Look Like?

    It’s a process of self-exploration that includes various practices, reflections and experiments. It requires at least 3 sessions and a commitment to complete the assignments that I give you.

  • At the first session we have a short assessment of your current career situation and personality type.
  • During the following two sessions we look closer at the results, work on identifying what is holding you back and how to improve your work habits. I create exercises and practices for you that help you understand yourself better and achieve your goals.

How do we work?

Via Skype. 3 Skype sessions with my email support and homework in between.

How much does it cost?

Financial investment: $500

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