CoachingI started coaching with Masha when I felt stuck and was interested in my self-development. I didn’t have enough resources and saw no clear possibilities for my next career path. After several coaching sessions my environment began to change as well as the way I felt and saw myself. We explored my inner resources that helped me to gain more self-confidence and feel “lighter.” I started to pay more attention to my body and it helped me to work on my inner critic. It got easier for me to express myself, I understood what my future career path gonna be. Thank you, Masha, for your delicate, caring and wise approach.

Ksenia F. | HR, photographer, Mother | St. Petersburg
С Машей мы начали работать, когда меня заинтересовала тема саморазвития и я почувствовала, что стою на месте и не чувствую в себе сил и возможностей выбрать дальнейший путь. После нескольких занятий окружение стало понемногу изменяться вместе с моим ощущением себя. Вместе мы искали и исследовали мои ресурсы, делали выводы и двигались вперед. Появилась легкость, уверенность в себе и в том, что я могу многое. Я стала обращать больше внимание на то, как мое тело реагирует на разные события и мысли, это помогло скорректировать моего внутреннего критика. После проделанной над собой аналитической и созерцательной работы, мы стало легче выражать свое мнение, я определилась с будущем направлением в работе и реализации. Поэтому смело могу сказать, что это того стоило- уделить внимание себе, узнать себя и определиться с планами на будущее и идти к целям, с оптимизмом и расправив плечи.
Спасибо Маше за деликатный, внимательный и мудрый подход к своим клиентам.

Ксения Ф | HR, фотограф, мама | Санкт-Петербург, Россия

CoachingMaria has a calming positive approach. I’m very happy she accompanied me on my ‘change journey’ and I would recommend her to everyone who is looking for a highly professional and empathetic coach. She was there for me during the coaching process.

Maria Y. | Entrepreneur, www.yasinovskaya.com | Germany

Leadership DevelopmentThank you for a tremendous job. I’m very appreciative to have gotten the opportunity to attend your training and I feel like I took away several things that I can begin working on tomorrow. Coming into the program, I knew I wanted to come back with a better grasp on how I can work within my team from a leadership standpoint despite having the least experience. I exited today with some concrete ideas of how I can go about executing on that goal. I also pulled some foundation ideas for building my leadership and managerial style.
Mike T. | Finance | USA
I came to Masha Sweitzer in a very dark time of my life: I was stressed at work, anxious and didn’t accept myself the way I was. I so much appreciate what you did for me. I feel I am where I need to be. You have given me a lot, thank you!

Karen Langdon | Family Medical Doctor | Arizona, USA

Masha helped me develop more self- awareness through assignments, exercises and feedback. As a result of this, I was able to demonstrably improve my public-speaking ability for my work. I have come to know and appreciate myself more. I will be very happy to recommend her services to others.

Mary A | Registered Nurse | Phoenix, Arizona

TrainingI really enjoyed your training. Learned a lot and loved the mindfulness practices.

Jennifer C. | Phoenix, Arizona

TrainingVery supportive and warm environment that went above and beyond to dig deeply through the life for potential adjustments. Thank you.

Amanda S. | Case Manager | Phoenix, Arizona

What an eye-opening experience. Thanks for being my coach and mentor. You made me think a lot about my career and presence as a leader.

Vola Rakotomahefa | Reliability Manager | France

Coaching session with Masha was first of all interesting for me. Some things really surprised me, especially about my personality type and how accurate your description and definition of it was.

Ksenia K | St. Petersburg, Russia

Masha, thank you so much for our coaching process. You helped me to improve myself a lot. I would never forget your warm and kind attitude.

Anna F. | Project Manager | St. Petersburg, Russia

CoachingMasha is a highly professional coach. After the first session with her I feel more stable, self-confident and inspired!

Maria S. | Branch Manager, Adecco | Russia

Susanne | Entrepreneur | Canada.
FacilitationMasha has a very upbeat attitude and her teaching style is thought-provoking. She is an excellent communicator and facilitator. I really appreciated the input and guidance she offered which brought amazing energy and perspective. She is definitely very knowledgeable in what she is doing.
Anthony J. | Accounting | USA
CoachingMasha was my coach when I was facing a very difficult situation in my life. I felt lost and didn’t know what to do next. She was my guide who supported me to go through this and design my new life. Very thankful that I met her.
Michelle S. | Entrepreneur | USA
CoachingMasha as a coach was of a great support during vital first 100 days of my career transition. Actively listening and re-scoping my concerns and aspirations she kept a nice balance of providing out of the box practices, which at the same time were practical and easy to follow. Impressively, these practices (nicely designed into a program) addressed not perceived issues, but aimed at root causes. Some of those concepts and practices stayed with me as important habits even after almost a year since we finished.
Krill S | Director of Finance | St. Petersburg
Corporate TrainingI was very impressed with her ability to conduct trainings and great advice for career development. Loved her style – want to adopt some of it. She is a very good planned facilitator, beyond excellent. Her diverse background brings special addition to teaching.
Mike T. | Finance | USA
CoachingI truly feel empowered to take control of my career and development and I feel more passionate about my work now.
Tyler B. | Purchasing | USA
Leadership TrainingThank you for all your leadership and coaching. I appreciate the way you make me expand my mind and give me different ways to look at things.
Kingsley Amalo | Analyst, International Paper | USA
TrainingThank you for all your encouragement and learnings. This has been a great experience for me that I will cherish always.
Andrea Davidson | Manager, International Paper | USA