I work with professional women as a career coach. One of the most common themes women come to me with is related or directly about success: “used to be successful, not any more”, “want my success back”, “want to get to the next level”, “want something better, bigger, higher” 🙂

In the following video I’m sharing several ways to look at the phenomenon of success and a small exercise to look at your personal definition of it.

What usually happens is that we determine success through external “things”: money we make, house we live in, car we drive, etc.

What are others ways to look at success? What success means to you?

One of the common themes that I hear from my clients in coaching: my self-worth equals my success. Look into this equation as a metaphor:


I am worthy as long as I am successful. Really? What if something happens to your “feeling” of success: you are stuck in your career, didn’t get the promotion that you wanted for so long, blew off an interview for the dream job?  Do you see the danger of relying your self-worth solely on your perception of success? Yes, at that point my sense of worthiness is directly affected.

What else would you add to this equation?

“MY SELF-WORTH = MY SUCCESS + (…) + (…) “

To explore deeper your relationship with success, I would suggest the following exercise.

Remember several illustrations from your past when you felt successful. Got it? Based on them take notes on the following questions:

  1. Why do I call this a success?
  2. What contributed to it?
  3. What is success for me?

What are you learning from this exercise? I would be glad to hear about your observations.

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