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July 28, 2015 8pm MST

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At this FREE webinar we will explore the ways to get connected to our real desires, values and passion. The ones that are authentic and genuinely YOURS. I will share practical and easy-to-use tools to:

Increase clarity on your genuine life goals
Discover what’s important to you
Improve ability to focus on what matters to you most
Get connected to your authentic self and what brings you joy
Design your life vision that is appealing and inspiring
Stay motivated to achieve your personal goals



Who am I?

Welcome! I am Masha Sweitzer and I created this webinar for other professional women. Why? I’ve been in corporate world for around 10 years. I built a very successful career, though it still felt like I was not following my path. It was really good, but didn’t light me up. I started asking myself questions: what do I want? What are my genuine passions? What is another way of being in the world besides working for a big corporation? To me it was supporting others through my own business. This transition was not easy, but very enlightening. So I quit my 8-5 job, started my own business and since then support women around the world (USA, Europe, Russia, Middle East) to build their paths based on their authentic values. What do they get out of this work? Create more soulful careers, start new life projects, follow their passions. My own passions include traveling (been to over 40 countries), outdoor swimming, dancing, gardening and writing poetry. You can find more about me here and what my clients say about my work.




What clients say about my work:

Susanne | Entrepreneur | Canada.

“Very enlightening session! Masha is a very gifted coach.”
Mary P. | Consultant, www.environconsult.net | Phoenix, USA




Q & A

Who will benefit?

Any woman who:

• doesn’t know what to do next in life;
• lost track of what’s important;
• keeps procrastinating on personal goals;
• feels stuck in her life and career;
• is unsatisfied with her current life;
• wants to live and work out of passion;
• is longing for a more meaningful life.


This webinar is NOT for you, if you:

• want a “magic pill” to improve your life;
• not ready to start initiating change;
• don’t want to look at yourself from a different angle;
• want me or anyone else to light you up and tell you what to do with your life.


How do we work?

This is an online webinar that lasts around 1.5 hours with a Q&A session and “homework” assignment.

If you cannot participate in this webinar though are interested in the content, please register and I will send you the recording of this session.


How much does it cost?

FREE of charge.


July 21, 2015 8 PM PST.

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